Oh Monday’s episode was awesome. Fun Casey background stuff explored with great moments from the supporting cast. I know there are many detractors out there, but this season has been wonderful. Spy things and love things and pun things; all around good fun. And before I head off after the jump and potential Chuck spoilers, I’d like to to address some of the fan nay-sayers. I know that as a “TV Nerd” part of the job is that you need to nit-pick at every little thing that may be slightly off-cannon or if the couple you ship seems to be fading, but for crying out loud, when the show’s a gem, just enjoy it. Chuck’s suffered enough from budget cuts and almost being cancelled, can’t you just stop whining and geeking out for 3 seconds and enjoy the show?

Oh who am I kidding? Nerds live to over-analyze everything. This is why I’m one of y’all.

Spoilers and review-capping after the jump!

Chuck vs Tic Tac Fight Scene

These fight scenes actually happened. Awesome.

This week’s episode focused mostly on Casey. We find out that before Casey was Casey, he was Alex Colburn and he had a fiance and was recruited by a secret operatives team, which he could only join if he let his fiance believe that he’d died in action. It’s all very complicated. How this played into the current episode dealt with Casey’s original recruiter/mentor. The mentor guys seeks out Casey using the Ring to get Casey to steal a secret pill that’s meant to make soldiers impervious to emotion or some nonsense. Casey steals the pill, goes rogue, Chuck and Sarah go rogue to find Casey, everyone commits treason, they get the pill back by working with Morgan, who so desperately wants to be a spy that he was willing to work with rogue Casey, then the elite trio whomp on the bad guys and Chuck takes the pill and goes super agent.

Big surprise: the fiance that the bad guys used as leverage to get to Casey has a daughter. Casey is a papa! But Casey decides not to say anything since his old fiance doesn’t recognize him. But! Because of the treason thing, Casey is discharged from his position and must become a civilian. Oh and at some point in the middle, Awesome and Morgan realize they both know about Chuck’s secret and since Ellie has no idea, she gets to do her research at the neurology center at USC, or something like that.

The fight scene was awesome! Seriously, look at those screen grabs I ganked off of Tumblr. Ten times more awesome then that.

Can’t wait till tomorrow night’s ep. Sorry this was so blah, but Adult Swim is distracting me. Cartoons and bed await!