Dangit. TOTALLY ran out of time. Let’s see how quick I can finish this up…

  • What’s the deal with this Justin Beiber kid? His music is on the radio, but, why is he so popular? This is been on my mind more frequently since @ConanObrien started a goofy little one-sided tweet fight. Oh good times. But not. Because it’s about how a little baby is about to control the world with his autotune.
  • @ is now art. Seriously. Check it. MoMA has acquired the rights to the @ symbol to be a part of a new exhibit.
At symbol


  • I didn’t post about what I wanted to because I was busy signing up for things. Being an adult is starting to snowball and everything is happening almost unexpectedly. That’s a weird statement.
  • Chuck and Sarah got number one TV couple. How cute is that?!? They were being a smidge obnoxious in the last couple of episodes, but I’m just glad to hear that the fans are so passionate about the show.
  • Does anyone have any good homeopathic remedies for sinus pressure headaches or allergies? Starting to really feel the springtime head pressure.
  • I’ve really enjoyed Aviary as an image editing tool (since I’m completely without any fun Creative Suite/Photoshop stuff) and it’s great that they’ve opened up their accounts to have more accessibility for free accounts. Bravo Aviary folks.
  • I wanna live somewhere else. But it’s fun being at home for now. Yes?
I don't wanna grow up


Oh wow, this headache is like killing me. Sorry y’all but I’m gonna have to boogie.

Thank goodness OK Go puts it in perspective.

Night y’all!