Ok, I know, I know, I know.

But I was kind of accosted for the past… 3 hours on IM. I’ll explain later, but hopefully if work isn’t too busy tomorrow I’ll try and blog a little. But DL that, yes?

To make it up to you, I need to plug Axe Cop.

Axe Cop

I'm gonna chop you.

This webcomic is amazing. It’s written by a 5-year-old 6-year-old (he just had a birthday) and the artwork is done by his 29-year-old brother. It’s a double plus good scenario because the writing is insanely creative and the artwork is just doggone great. Remember all of those insane diatribes you went on when you were five? That weird junk you made up about the dust bunny utopia that existed on top of the shelves where dust bunnies learned their ninja ways. Or the time you thought up the intergalactic Peach v. Mushroom battles… Yea, imagine if someone took those stories and put them into comic form.

Yea, that cool. Check it out.

Also, because I need to apologize a little more, please except this picture as a sufficient apology.

Corgi Puppy


Corgis are the official ambassadors of cute apologies.

Oh and if you don’t like to read, here’s Axe Cop part one on YouTube.