Hey guys and gals!

I have a request. My brain is frazzled and fried from work and meetings about benefits, etc. I have lots of decisions to make, but I need to get to bed soon and this thought had been gnawing at me for a while.

I want a sundress. The weather is amazing right now and I don’t have a nice cotton sundress to just throw on. This may seem like a strange request, but I’m having a really difficult time finding one that fits my specifications:

  • Has to be easy to wear. Jersey, cotton, something that’s easy to care for.
  • Needs to have thick straps. No spaghetti strings or strapless.
  • I just want something that’s for every day hanging out wear.
  • If it’s not totally casual, it needs to be semi-work appropriate.  Luckily, I work in a really casual place, so a sun dress wouldn’t be inappropriate, but I’d like to refrain from something full of tie-dye or something ridiculously fun for a day off, but garish in a cubicle.
  • Not too short, about knee-length or a little shorter.
  • I prefer V-Necks. But scoop or square is fine.
  • Affordable.

If you’ve seen any sun dresses that match this description, please let me know! It’s ok if it’s online, but it’s double plus good if it’s in a store, as I like to try things on.

It may seem strange that I’m requesting this, but this always happens to me. Whenever I’m looking for one specific item of clothing, I cannot find it. Last year it was a v-neck cardigan (and then any cardigan with a full sleeve), I couldn’t find any! Then it was long length t-shirts. Then it was a work appropriate wrap dress. It always seems like the year (or season) before I want the item of clothing, I see it and think, “Oh, I’m gonna need that. But I can wait.” And then it’s too late! And then the next year, it’s EVERY WHERE! Gah, it’s so frustrating. But even last summer I was looking for a sundress that met these specifications and I still couldn’t find one, so now I’m putting out a call for help.

Here are some examples of awesome type dresses (but just so happen to be no longer available).

Green V-Neck Sundress

This is certainly not my favorite shade of green, but I love this cut. It's from JCrew, but it's out of stock. 😦

Green Sleeved V-Neck Dress

This green is much better and this dress has such a flattering waist!

Printed Shift Sundress

A fun print for a simple shift dress.

Little Black Dress

A little black dress that's perfect for warm weather

And those are some fine examples. But, ya know, whatever! Just send ’em my way.

Thanks in advance, fashionistas!