Guys, I’ve been tired since 8:30. These bones are older than this girl is young, y’all. So let’s knock this puppy out, shall we?

  • April Fool’s day was today. I did not get fooled!
  • Did you get fooled?
  • I discussed the 3d icon joke on my tumblr and actually got some responses/reblogging from non-followers!!! Here’s the link, in case you wanna check out the screen caps.
  • On Sunday, I went shopping for new jeans at Old Navy and the power went out. While I was in the dressing room. But it wasn’t super dark or anything, but the staff did have to ask us to leave when it became obvious the power wasn’t coming back on. But for our troubles, they gave us a five dollar gift certificate! These are the jeans I got:
Dreamer Jeans

Dreamer Jeans from Old NavyFlirt Jeans

Flirt JeansFlirt Jeans from Old Navy
  • Still have not found a sundress
  • I won tickets at work to the orchestra concert at Meymandi Auditorium on the 9th. I’m so excited!! I love the orchestra and they’ll be playing Beethoven’s symphonies. It should be awesome.

Winner, winner chicken dinner!

Ok, I’m getting too tired to type. Night, y’all!