So today was Easter! Praise Him!

In honor of this amazing day, I went to church, iced my cake, took a nap, and spent all evening with family. It was such a great holiday that I didn’t mind the pollen or having to run to Wal-Mart (patewie!). I also broke lent by gnoshing on some sweets. A few Dove chocolate pieces, a donut, some peeps and some cake!

Not at the same time.

I am not a pig. I did eat a delicious ham, though.

The Sparkling Raspberry Champagne Cake was awesome! I used raspberry sparkeltini that’s really inexpensive (around 6.50) and really delicious. I also used some strawberry flavoring and real raspberries. It was a light and scrumptious desert. I also liked that the frosting I made for it was nice and fruity and the splash of champagne made it super airy.

Anyway, since I spent so much time resting, I figured I’d give myself a break from my Chuck blog (which I’ll have finished before tomorrow’s episode) and just revel in the very good day.

Enjoy your blessings and take some time to rest.

I also watched the awesome movie Splash, and guess what I found:

You’re Welcome

G’night everybody.