So, next weekend I’ll have to go to my Alma Mater for work.Crazy, right? I’ll be helping give a workshop/presentation to a bunch of physics teachers. I’m probably less nervous than I should be, but oh well.

Because of this exciting event, I get a day off (since I have to work on a Saturday) and I’ve decided that my mom and I need to get away.  Yay. So the following friday after next weekend, my mom and I will be a girls weekend! This was all decided at about noon today by me, my mom agreed later, but eh, semantics. Anyway we wanna go to Asheville and hang out at the Biltmore.


So pretty!


We’re thinking about doing the “Brews Cruise” that takes you around Asheville to a few of the local breweries. We obviously wanna go to the Biltmore, but we’re trying to figure out where to stay and what else to do.

So, I’m shooting it out to y’all.

Any suggestions for the area of Asheille?