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Tomorrow night, I’ll be quietly astounded by the sounds of an orchestra. There are only a few songs in the program, which always amazes me. I’m so used to concerts where the artist will play ten songs that I feel like a program with only four songs seems lacking. But then I remember that each song is usually about ten minutes long (if not longer) and there’s usually a little history given about the piece.



When I was in Paris, I remember running (literally running) up the stairs to make the orchestra program I had to see for class. The ushers teased cheered me on, “Vite, vite, mademoiselle, vite!” I sat down right at the emcee was announcing the beginning of the show. The subway practically breaking down and causing me to almost miss everything didn’t cause nearly as much of an adrenaline rush as the music. It was beautiful and intense. Most of the music came from French composers (it was a French culture class), but regardless of the origin, it all felt heavenly.

I don’t claim to have the most sophisticated palate when it comes to music. But music can be a lot like food. Sure, I may consume a lot of junk that pops and fizzes and holds a little substance, but when I’m presented with something that is sumptuous and filling and delightful, it stops me dead. Great timeless music, like food, can capture your heart and still your soul.



Very powerful stuff.

Beethoven is guaranteed to hold my interests and catch my breath. While he’s not the only composer for the evening, the program itself is called Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto. The final song will be the Emperor Concerto which is… wonderful. The man was intriguing and his music astounding. Saying anything else would be unnecessary. Great works speak for themselves, besides, you can read about him, if you’d like.

To end the evening, I leave you with the Emperor Concerto and the soothing Moonlight Sonata.

Auf Wiedersehen, Goodnight.


So, at work, they got an iPad to test and run updates on and yadda, yadda. Weird, I can’t see a reason to test out the eReader functionality or download the hottest new releases, but what do I know?

Anyway, it was moderately interesting and VERY pretty to look at, but what I really wanna know is…


He can kiss away the pain
He will stand by you forever!
He can take your breath away…

Oh wait, sorry, this isn’t schmaltzy song karaoke.

Episode 3.12 of Chuck was titled Chuck vs. American Hero and I have a heard time thinking of American Hero without thinking about Enrique Iglesias’ timeless ballad “Hero” or G.I. Joes, Real American Heroes! But hey, enough about early aughts song-smiths and childhood classics, let’s talk Chuck, shall we? Before I get into any potential spoilers for the uninitiated to the Chuck saga, let me send out a plea…

Please watch Chuck. It’s another show “on the bubble” this year and despite the (decently) strong ratings the first half of the season, the show has been trying to regain momentum after the drop in ratings after Daylight Savings Time.  It doesn’t help that the show has to compete with gag Dancing with the Stars… of course it doesn’t hurt either that NBC’s ratings are so overall terrible that the slump in ratings for Chuck isn’t that horrendous in comparison.

But still, watch Chuck! Especially if you are a Nielson family. And if you know a Nielson family, hijack their box for one night and play Chuck. The powers that be of scripted shows and not poorly danced pseudo-celebrity reality competitions will thank you.

Also, the cast was at WonderCon being Ahhhhdoooorabul and also asking for your viewership. Case in point:

Zac and Josh Daddies!?!?!

To borrow a phrase from the internet: "lol, whut?"

Now since the cast has promised an AMAZING episode tonight (plus all of the critics who saw the screening last night concurred) let’s talk about vs. The American Hero, shall we?

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No Justification Necessary

So, because I was too tired, I didn’t get to watch tonight’s episode of Justified, but I DVR’ed it and will be watching it ASAP. If y’all haven’t checked out this show, you should make an effort to do so. Want some reasons? Here’s ten.

  1. It’s still early in the season so you won’t get lost.
  2. Timothy Olyphant is wonderful as US Marshall Givens. The dude is so talented it’s ridiculous.
  3. The used a friggin’ rocket launcher in the first episode!
  4. Actually decent southern accents. It’s so refreshing.
  5. Episodes are available On Demand from Time Warner Cable. In HD! Soooo awesome.
  6. Next year, everyone will be talking about how excited they are for Justified’s return and if you don’t watch now you’ll totally not be a part of the cool kid club.
  7. The author of the original story(ies) the show was based off of, gives his seal of approval. How often does a writer like the way a show/movie interprets his/her work?
  8. Gunslinging.
  9. The whole cast is great. I know Timothy Olyphant is the name behind the show, but the ensemble is just perfect.
  10. It’s a modern day Western that pulls off well-written story arcs that hold potential for character development and plot diversity. They’ve set the show up to be centered around the main character (Givens) and his growth, but with the different tasks the Marshall has to do, the show should always be varied.


Justified on FX

Ready, Aim, Chuck!

Oh y’all know the drill. SPOILERS FOR CHUCK! If you haven’t seen last week’s episode, that is.

This season has been fun and with the past episode it’s become more obvious as to where the writers had originally intended for the storyline to go when the season was just 12 episodes long. But now they’ve got 20+ episodes for the season and they’re just getting started. It’s such a fun, fun show, if you’re not watching it, you should be.

Now for the reviewcap, after the jump!!!

Chuck with a gun

Totally trust this guy in the NRA

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I’m gonna chop you!

Ok, I know, I know, I know.

But I was kind of accosted for the past… 3 hours on IM. I’ll explain later, but hopefully if work isn’t too busy tomorrow I’ll try and blog a little. But DL that, yes?

To make it up to you, I need to plug Axe Cop.

Axe Cop

I'm gonna chop you.

This webcomic is amazing. It’s written by a 5-year-old 6-year-old (he just had a birthday) and the artwork is done by his 29-year-old brother. It’s a double plus good scenario because the writing is insanely creative and the artwork is just doggone great. Remember all of those insane diatribes you went on when you were five? That weird junk you made up about the dust bunny utopia that existed on top of the shelves where dust bunnies learned their ninja ways. Or the time you thought up the intergalactic Peach v. Mushroom battles… Yea, imagine if someone took those stories and put them into comic form.

Yea, that cool. Check it out.

Also, because I need to apologize a little more, please except this picture as a sufficient apology.

Corgi Puppy


Corgis are the official ambassadors of cute apologies.

Oh and if you don’t like to read, here’s Axe Cop part one on YouTube.



Oh Monday’s episode was awesome. Fun Casey background stuff explored with great moments from the supporting cast. I know there are many detractors out there, but this season has been wonderful. Spy things and love things and pun things; all around good fun. And before I head off after the jump and potential Chuck spoilers, I’d like to to address some of the fan nay-sayers. I know that as a “TV Nerd” part of the job is that you need to nit-pick at every little thing that may be slightly off-cannon or if the couple you ship seems to be fading, but for crying out loud, when the show’s a gem, just enjoy it. Chuck’s suffered enough from budget cuts and almost being cancelled, can’t you just stop whining and geeking out for 3 seconds and enjoy the show?

Oh who am I kidding? Nerds live to over-analyze everything. This is why I’m one of y’all.

Spoilers and review-capping after the jump!

Chuck vs Tic Tac Fight Scene

These fight scenes actually happened. Awesome.

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Tomorrow morning I have a dentist appointment. At 7:30. In the morning.


But in better news now that I’m a full-time employee (!) I have benefits so that things are covered by this thing called “insurance.” I’m not entirely familiar with the concept, but I’m told it’s good. Oh, but hey, I’m employed now in a non-temporary position, so… things are looking up for ol’ Katie, yessir. Today was my first day in my new officially official position.

Also, I was worried that the direct deposit for my federal refund wouldn’t work, but it totally did! That made these sleepy and tiring Monday way better. So, way to go US government. You did something right! For once. Kidding, please don’t hurt me department of homeland security, I’m still broke and not at all a bad person, just bad at telling jokes.

Alright, since I need to hit the hay in order to get up early so that I can get my gums poked, I need to make up for my miserable post and the fact that I need sleep, by posting these:

You’re welcome.

Spoiler heavy if you haven’t seen last week’s episode. Of course, if you haven’t seen last week’s episode, you’ve probably been routinely ignoring these posts. Anyway, let’s get to the jump, it’ll be short and sweet, but hopefully fun!

Chuck and Morgan

Friends tell each other everything! Unless, ya know, they have to hide the fact that super secret information from the NSA & CIA is lodged in their brain. Ya know, the usual.

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Is It Any Wonder?

Alice In Wonderland Trio

The three main characters from Alice and Wonderland. Delightfully mad.

Full discloser, I like to look at pretty things. Bold colors with graphics that carry a statement delight me. When I first saw the above three images, I was giddy. The bright hues, the whirling patterns, the thought of that ginormous head in 3-D… I was ready for the movie to come out. The movie I saw in my mind was mad-cap, fast-past and full of wit and with splashes of terror (obviously, it’s a Tim Burton film, and the original source is no picnic either). But when I actually saw the movie over the weekend I thought it felt like there was something lacking.

It’s rather telling that, in comparison to the promotional pictures, much of the movie is a little muted. The current Wonderland is in a state of tyranny because the Red Queen rules with an iron ax and will see to it that heads will roll at, well, the drop of a hat. But I knew the film would be dark going into the theater, so I was less surprised by the dimmed hues and more surprised by the fact that, despite the seriously amazing animation and well used 3-D, I never quite felt like I’d fallen down a rabbit hole. Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter wasn’t as gleefully psychotic as I was hoping for, but he did carry a heavy burden from a past pain; the Hatter is dirty and often looks out into space as he sees what could have been destroyed all over again. But for my money, if there’s tragedy, I want tragedy! If there is a raucous fight a-brewing, I want it to be head-bangingly awesome. I want everything!

Many people didn’t like, Tim Burton’s retelling of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but I actually really enjoyed it. I thought it was fun and zany and carried a quirky tone of well, but I think people complained that it was just “too Burton” for a family movie. To that I say, “tough.” Movie retellings don’t have to be exactly faithful to the same audience as before, they just need to bring something fresh to what was already (in general) a good film. This holds especially true for this Alice and Wonderland considering that Alice is all grown up. She’s facing an engagement and a battle with a Jaberwocky, both futures hold some bite so why didn’t this movie have more teeth?

All-in-all the film wasn’t bad and it was definitely enjoyable for what it was worth (I paid student ticket price- don’t judge) and it was very lovely to look at (the Cheshire Cat was divine, floating and swirling and evaporating into nothingness, very fun to watch him flit across the screen) and the voice actin was fantastic, but it wasn’t everything I’d hoped for. Maybe my expectations were too high, but it just wasn’t as full of  wonder *cringe* as I was hoping for. But then, it’s not an easy task to take a source so full of imagination and twists and make it a reality that’d fit everyone’s dreams.

Anyone else seen it yet. Thoughts?