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Mighty Mini Post! (pt. 6)

Ok, y’all, yesterday was my 100th post (not in total for the year), and nobody visited my site! It’s the first time in months that my blog didn’t receive a single hit and I feel… Forlorn? Eh, it happens. So let me see if I can post enough key words in this awesome blossom Mighty Mini post to get some hits, shaaaaaaaaaaaaall we?

  • Tonight, I’m off to the orchestra! Hence the earliness of this post. It also is what I was rambling about yesterday that seemed to go over so well. I mean, seriously, who knew that Beethoven was no longer the cat’s meow?
  • So, early reports for the movie Date Night is that it’s a terrible script, but works really well on the drive of the two awesome leads (Steve Carrell and Tina Fey). I was worried it would be terrible, but it looks like it may be worth a gander. If anyone checks it out, lemme know if it’ll be worth the cost of admission.
  • Please explain Justin Beiber. I feel like, if there is only one thing I have learned from the new Twitter homepage, it’s that apparently, this kid is all anyone ever tweets about. And apparently the Jonas Brothers fans hate the Justin Beiber fans? Calm down, girls, they’re both obnoxious.
  • Project Runway!!!!!!!!!!
    project runway

    Heidi and Tim, awesome overload.

    So who’s been watching this season? Don’t lie. Yea, it’s crazy.So, Major Spoilers for last night’s episode of Project Runway, but the announced who was going to Bryant Park. Sadly, adorable Anthony didn’t make it, but expect great things. Mila and Jay are “tied” and will have to make a collection, but then compete to actually get to the final show. Mila will most undoubtedly color block everything. Emilio and Seth Aaron are guaranteed in for the finale. It should be a great show! As a subpoint, Nobody tell me what happened on Shear Genius! I’ve DVRed the episode, but haven’t had time to watch. Hopefully Brie did not win, considering she’s a hang with Orange Fanta colored hair.

  • Chuck. I know, I know, I talk about this show all the time. But it’s “on the bubble” so to speak and it needs to be saved. Chuck has made it to E!’s Save One Show final round and the show needs your votes. Please go and vote for Chuck to save it for another season. Click here to support one of the best shows on TV.
Save Chuck

Don't Jump!

  • Let’s see, more things to get hits to my blog, ah, yes: SPOILERS, LOST, FINALE, SHOW, TV, 24, AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL, ETC. ETC. ETC.
  • Speaking of “All Tyra, All the Time,” I thought about auditioning for America’s Next Top Model when they were in Raleigh. But then I realized that I could never live with such an insane group of people. I’m not even kidding, I’d probably have a panic attack.
  • Check out Hash Tag films. You can submit your films, photography, etc. For North Carolina folks! Click here to visit the local wonders!

I think  that’s a pretty hefty Mighty Mini post, don’t y’all?

In other news. This gif may have changed my life. Enjoy, other Family Matters/Carl Winslow fans.



    Mighty Mini Post! (pt. 5)

    Guys, I’ve been tired since 8:30. These bones are older than this girl is young, y’all. So let’s knock this puppy out, shall we?

    • April Fool’s day was today. I did not get fooled!
    • Did you get fooled?
    • I discussed the 3d icon joke on my tumblr and actually got some responses/reblogging from non-followers!!! Here’s the link, in case you wanna check out the screen caps.
    • On Sunday, I went shopping for new jeans at Old Navy and the power went out. While I was in the dressing room. But it wasn’t super dark or anything, but the staff did have to ask us to leave when it became obvious the power wasn’t coming back on. But for our troubles, they gave us a five dollar gift certificate! These are the jeans I got:
    Dreamer Jeans

    Dreamer Jeans from Old NavyFlirt Jeans

    Flirt JeansFlirt Jeans from Old Navy
    • Still have not found a sundress
    • I won tickets at work to the orchestra concert at Meymandi Auditorium on the 9th. I’m so excited!! I love the orchestra and they’ll be playing Beethoven’s symphonies. It should be awesome.

    Winner, winner chicken dinner!

    Ok, I’m getting too tired to type. Night, y’all!

    Mighty Mini Post! (pt. 4)

    Dangit. TOTALLY ran out of time. Let’s see how quick I can finish this up…

    • What’s the deal with this Justin Beiber kid? His music is on the radio, but, why is he so popular? This is been on my mind more frequently since @ConanObrien started a goofy little one-sided tweet fight. Oh good times. But not. Because it’s about how a little baby is about to control the world with his autotune.
    • @ is now art. Seriously. Check it. MoMA has acquired the rights to the @ symbol to be a part of a new exhibit.
    At symbol


    • I didn’t post about what I wanted to because I was busy signing up for things. Being an adult is starting to snowball and everything is happening almost unexpectedly. That’s a weird statement.
    • Chuck and Sarah got number one TV couple. How cute is that?!? They were being a smidge obnoxious in the last couple of episodes, but I’m just glad to hear that the fans are so passionate about the show.
    • Does anyone have any good homeopathic remedies for sinus pressure headaches or allergies? Starting to really feel the springtime head pressure.
    • I’ve really enjoyed Aviary as an image editing tool (since I’m completely without any fun Creative Suite/Photoshop stuff) and it’s great that they’ve opened up their accounts to have more accessibility for free accounts. Bravo Aviary folks.
    • I wanna live somewhere else. But it’s fun being at home for now. Yes?
    I don't wanna grow up


    Oh wow, this headache is like killing me. Sorry y’all but I’m gonna have to boogie.

    Thank goodness OK Go puts it in perspective.

    Night y’all!

      Yarg! Don’t you hate it when you spend so long thinking about what you want to write about you totally flub up your own deadline and then have to push it to tomorrow? I hate that. But, I love making pirate noises, so, upside!

      Since I procrastinated too long on trying to respond back to @jwmoss’s inquiry, I’m gonna make this a mighty mini post, because it’s about time I did a round up. AHOY!

      • St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow. Wear green and don’t get pinched. Don’t wear green and you can get pinched then give a law suit! Just wear green and have fun. Also, if you’re imbibing, do so safely. I have no plans, because I need to wake up at 5:45 in the morning during the week, so someone can sip a Guiness for me.
      • I’m gonna try and add “upside” to things when I notice I’m being too much of a downer. Example, “Today, at the dentist, I found out I have a cavity… Upside! It’ll be tooth covered and I have brand spanking new dental insurance benefits, soooo, sweet!
      • I may have mentioned this before, but it begs repeating, Lee Pace is too friggin’ cute. Seriously. Following the Pie Holers on tumblr is making me swoon daily. Awkward hands in pocket shuffling and nervous smiles makes me laugh. I may have to go buy both seasons on DVD and smile beaucoup.
      Lee Pace

      Adorable + Glasses = Geek Chic

      • Also adorable? Curtis Stone. I’d forgotten how cute he was since for some stupid reason Take Home Chef is no longer on television. But he is on the Biggest Loser and he’s so sweet and charming. Also, fun? The ladies on the show totally agree and always swoon when he’s around. I like when people on TV say what I’m thinking, bonus points if they get my exact facial expression down. Side note? How friggin’ obvious is it that the Blue Team is stacked to win. IT MAKES ME SO MAD! I can’t decide if it’s because Michael was so unabashed about it or the fact that Sam is a super stand-up guy who deserves to win and yet may loose it because he’s on a weaker team. Bummer.
      • A big thanks to Kohl’s for messing up a return, but then having an awesome customer service employee be so sweet and totally make up for it. Plus, when I wanted to buy the shirt, I got an e-mail alert for a Kohl’s online sale so I got 15% off my purchase. Everything ended up working out great.

      Ok, lemme tell you something. While searching for fun St. Patty’s day pics I found some really adorable ones and I just want to post them. I’m actually so distracted by how cute some of these are that I can’t really think of anything else to add to the mighty mini list, which means y’all get a pic spam.


      Dog in Elf Costume

      Elf. Leprechaun. Same diff.

      Daschund in St. Patty's Day Gear

      You're Irish, Cute and too small for your hat. A triple threat indeed.

      St. Patty's Pup on Wheels

      This dog has sunglasses. Your argument is invalid.

      bull dog in a green hat

      There has to be a Celtic word for Cuddle...

      And finally, my absolute favorite:

      St. Patrick's Day Dog with Shamrock Antennae Boppers

      AH! I want to hug this dog!

      Arrggggg, ye be seein’ enough for the evenin’. Off to the stars with ye!

      That’s not an Irish accent, it’s a callback to my aforementioned love for pirate talk… Nevermind, I’ll exit quietly.

      Mighty Mini Post! (pt. 2)

      Ok, let’s do a rundown!

      • I sorta had a come to Jesus meeting tonight and I made a decision, but I’m only 80% sure it’s final (which probably, definitely means it is), but I’m so confused I can’t get my head straight. Hence, the mighty mini post.
      • I know I’ve talked about Biggest Loser here before, but this week was interesting. The separate teams always creates a tense dynamic, but it’s so unevenly matched this year! So I’ve decided I am not a fan of Michael, he’s annoying me and is almost a brat at times. Whatever, that show always makes me cry. I’m pathetic.
      • I tumblr’ed this, but I need to repost it here. This thing is amazing. It cheers you up, it’s fun and so simple. It just makes music, but it’s random and sweet. Definitely a good 5-minute time killer.
      Tone Matrix Screen Cap

      The Tone Matrix! Click the pic to take you to the site.

      • What is all this nonsense about the Captain America casting? First Krasinski is a shoe-in and now he’s out and everyone else is in? What is going on with this junk? Meh, I’m still annoyed they didn’t cast Alexander Skarsgard as Thor.
      Alexander Skarsgard

      I mean COME ON! The dude oozes Valhalla. Whatever. Cast an Australian. (Nobody cares)

      • Spring is coming and I decided to get ready by taking advantage of a coupon I got in the mail from DSW. Tada!
      Teal Gladiator Sandal

      Report Aki Studded Gladiator

      Green Peep-Toe Flats

      BC Footwear Thicker Than Water II Peep Toe Flat

      I think that’s enough for tonight. If you want more, there’s always tomorrow.

      Mighty Mini Post! (pt. 1)

      New feature y’all, I’ve realized that occasionally I have a few topics floating around at the same time that would not make a good post individually, but that I’d still like to talk about. So I thought, why not do one of these every so often to get these things out of my head? And since you’ve yet to complain, boom, it’s happening.

      A few fun things that have happened, let’s do a quick run down shall we?

      • I suck at waking up. It’s kind of insane the kind of dedication my body makes to sleeping as long as possible. I’ve been known to turn off alarms in my sleep. Yea. So, I knew I needed to try something new and so I decided to try something old school:

      Double Bell Alarm Clock

      It's so loud, I feel like I'm waking up in a firehouse

      Honestly, that alarm clock is the most effective wake up call I’ve ever had. Morning win.

      • Did you know that rich people buy wallabies and keep them as pets? It’s true. My parents went to a party recently where the owners had their pet “miniature kangaroo” hopping around. And punching people. Specifically this one lady, which is hilarious. This may also be proof that some rich people need better financial advisers. Preferably ones who aren’t exotic pet dealers on the side.


      Warning! This wallaby will punch you!

      • I got my glasses!!! I talked about them here. Remember?

      Magnifique, non?

      • And holy crap, this show, Deadliest Warriors, is amazing. I just saw a Ninja get his butt kicked by a Spartan. Now, to DVR the fight between a Viking and a Samurai. Because Vikings are AWESOME! RAWR!
      Sumarai vs. Viking

      Who will be the next... HISTORICAL DEADLIEST WARRIOR!

      All this fighting is making me wonder if there’s a punching bag at the Y. Or if I should pick up viking axe handling. Ya know, just in case.