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This one you should skim…

Yesterday, I mentioned posting about a something that my  friend @jwmoss asked about on Twitter and I said I’d post about it today, but I realized (after a 2 hour impromptu nap) that I should probably wait until the end of this week to write about it. Since I’m not posting about anything interesting, I thought I’d share what’s going on in my life these days. Feel free to tune out.

Even though things aren’t that busy at work, I’m still learning/doing a lot and it tends to take a lot out of me. It’s definitely fun learning new things. That sounds incredibly dorky, I know, but learning on the job is something I really enjoy. Learning is cool. Knowledge is power. And, well, you know the rest…

The More You Know

I thought about finishing with "Crack is Wack," but I'm still holding out on a cushy NBC Sponsership for this blog. They're rolling in dough.

It also doesn’t help that allergy season has picked up. I know I blogged a poorly scrawled poem to allergies, but it bears repeating. And I feel like I always forget how much it takes out of me. So sleepy all the time with this mess, but at least the weather is turning out really nicely. So happy the winter doldrums  are dissipating.

My new phone is interesting… It’s an upgrade from aphone that I already loved, but because it’s slightly different I have to learn all the little nuances. I’ll get the hang of it eventually. It’s not a smart phone, but it’s still really nice.

LG enV touch

It has a fun touch screen app thingie! And I'm easily amused!

And I totally got a pedicure today.


I know there was something else I wanted to talk about, but I got really distracted by the new show Ugly America on Comedy Central. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but it’s definitely interesting.

Ok, hitting the hay. Time to get out of this green attire and drag my butt to Bedfordshire.


We Regret to Inform You

That your application has been denied.

We’ve decided to move in another direction.

You ain’t getting this job.

Ok, so, maybe I’ve only ever heard the first two, but the third holds the same sentiment. Another job I applied for ended up not working out, but it was a nice rejection. The HR rep called me up and told me that they loved my interview and that they thought I was great and had a ton to offer, BUT they decided to go with someone with more relevant experience, something I don’t blame them for at all. She did say that if there was another position at the company I’d be interested in that she’d be more than happy to put my resume in the right hands.

(After re-reading this post, I realize that it’s a smidge whiny, not too much, but enough to be turribly embarrassing, I put the relevant info above the cut, but if you’re interested, please feel free to follow the jump!)

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How to Handle the Rush

At work right now we’re dealing with “rush,” which is the start of the semester, aka the start of the busiest time of the company. This basically means I’m handling about… 80 calls in 8 hours. Which may seem like not a lot to you, but many of the calls come in between 12-4 putting me at about 15 calls an hour back to back to back to back.

This tenses me all up and I know many people have jobs that are stressful, so here are some tips!

  1. Don’t tense up the muscles in the side of your neck while you’re talking to someone who’s being mean to you in order to not scream. The tense muscles will be sore later.
  2. Do make yourself laugh while you have about 15 seconds to yourself to think. I like to think of the put a little boogie in it joke, but do whatever works for you. Trying to touch your tongue to your nose when you know it’s too fat to reach also works.
  3. Don’t focus on negativity to long. Finding a timesuck on Facebook while distract you for the moment it takes you to forget how insane things are getting.
  4. Do watch this video:

  5. Don’t spill coffee on yourself. You’ll just end up having to deal with wet denim.
  6. Do have something to look forward to, like Avatar (or, as Arnold Schwarzenager says “JAYMEZ KAHMRAHNZ ABAHDAH!”) with a good friend.

Hope you enjoyed that. And remember, don’t take it too seriously.


You know I find it fascinating some of things people don’t know. Myself included. As much as I love learning what people know, I think you can also learn a lot about someone by what they don’t know. And I mean that in a completely respectful way… Like, “pop.” To some people it’s what a bubble does when it bursts and for others it’s soda. Being ignorant of something isn’t necessarily a bad thing (being ignorant of certain laws can obviously get you in to trouble, but otherwise) it just means you were never made aware. Some schools don’t teach Hamlet, so If you don’t know what it’s about it’s ok. But I think the differences in people knowledge is always enlightening, because it can sometimes give you a better understanding of where they’re coming from.

At my job I’m constantly getting students who are taking advanced calculus courses or physics courses who are calling because they don’t know how to do certain things on the computer. A student today called because they didn’t know what “TBA” meant. It’s assumed that things like TBA (To Be Announced) and TBD (To Be Determined) are common knowledge, but they’re not. You’re not born knowing these things. Everybody has different experiences, so everyone has different levels of knowledgeability about.

The other thing that I find interesting is when someone, who is aware of an issue and some, if not all of the facts, concerning the issue, has yet to determine where he or she stands. Some people don’t know where they stand on gay marriage or the health care bill. They have yet to determine where they stand on the issue. Waffling  is a sin  to some folks, but the fact of the matter is nobody’s forcing you to decide.

I say all of this to say…

I don’t know about something. It has to do with something I thought I’d never tread into again, but now I’m considering it, which makes me nervous. It’s nothing bad or dangerous, but based on… ok, I’ll be honest, painful experiences in the past I’m just a bit burned. And as of right now, I can’t determine what I should do about it. I’m clearly not even sure if I should talk about it here. As a hint, it’s guy issues.

GAH! Even typing that was hard.

Ok, I’ll sleep on it. It’s obvious I don’t know what the heck I’m doing.

I just hate not knowing.